A 3D Spatio-Temporal Geovisualization of Subcounty Estimates of Historic Housing Density in Metro Atlanta, 1940–2009


This paper is a 3D Geovisualization of subcounty estimates of historic housing density in the 20-county metro Atlanta Region for 1940–2009 using the Hammer Method. Representing information spatially and temporally, by themselves, are well developed techniques for demographers to use. Representing information spatio-temporally, together, however, is underdeveloped in the demographic literature. This paper includes a number of contemporary geovisualization techniques that can be employed to better visually represent demographic data in a more intuitive manner. Policymakers and other consumers of demographic data could greatly benefit from improved representations of the spatio-temporal data that demographers produce.

Spatial Demography, (1), 2, pp. 146–161, https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03354895
Mathew E. Hauer
Mathew E. Hauer
Assistant Professor of Sociology

My research interests include demography, migration, and climate change.